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Estar Booking one MAX200

Estar Booking ONE MAX 200 is the entry level Estar Booking subscription, but with all the functionalities of the other MAX 20 and MAX 50.
with your order you will have an H24 Access to your platform.
Version modules:
  • Guest/Owners/Agencies accounts Management
  • Properties Management (Multiuser admin access, full data management, rental/extra guest/services prices, photo gallery, iCal out flows)
  • Vacation management (Pending Bookings, Availability confirmation,Confirmed Bookings, Check in , Check out states)
  • Promotions Manager (Plan your promotions on one, or more properties)
  • Dynamic Planner (with real time booking registration, Booking data access)
  • Pending/Available/Confirmed Booking listings
  • Arrival/Departure/Bookings/Payments
  • XLS Reports
  • channel *(Mapping, standard and single use price)
  • channel *(Mapping, standard and single use price)
  • White label Booking Engine (to integrate in your website)
  • 2 WAY alternative Booking Engine A.P.I. service (for your webmaster)
  • iCal out Property Urls Real time availabilities for Agencies
  • Cleaning Staff Management
  • E-mail Communication Manager (to set your favorite templates for Admin, Guest, Agency and Owner communications)
  • Property Owner access (to allow your owners to close dates and download XLS Booking reports)
  • Optional Channel Manager (choose your favorite to connect several OTAs worldwide)

You're free to add your main options down below to this ONE version.
Euro 180.00 /Month

Activation Balance

Euro 180,00

This amount involves first month of service and optional modules activation if checked.
The optional modules have an annual activation cost, but they will be active only during paid Estar Booking ONE monthly service.

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Cloud Server services

Perfomance and 99% of uptime service, by a strong Cloud server infrastructure, that allows users to manage services H24, with the best platform speed. Servers are continuously monitored with professional backup functions, so the manager can focus only to its data.


Powerful solutions

More than 15 years of experience on touristic management platforms, has permitted to develop an efficiency framework, dedicated to the property and booking management, focused on the time to action best effort, and easy to use functions, try it we don't speak about customers, but partners.


Help Desk service at your disposal

An old spot said "...power is nothing without control...". At the same time a good software is nothing without a professional support. We give management tools and we work to provide the right support to obtain the best result with them, because the right gain must be a common goal.


Modules to cover the needs

The trade is changing fast on accommodation services, we do our best to offer modules that can generate specific answers to the user's needs. A modular software can better answer to the change, by focusing on specific targets, easy to update in case of trade changes.


Scalable solutions

We work for our customers, improving their booking results, by following and sustaining them from the starting level to their growth, we offer scalable solutions starting from few properties to unlimited. This is a manager warranty, by choosing a platform offering a complete range of solutions and supporting all software daily.


More than 200 properties?

Contact us, we have a dedicated offer at your disposal